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Iran Tourism Attraction - Gilan Province -

Tourist Attractions in Gilan Province

Rudkhan Castle
Rudkhan Castle
Rudkhan Castle is a brick and stone medieval castle in Iran .
Located 25km southwest of Foman city north of Iran in Gilan province , it is a military complex which had been constructed during the Sasanian era (224-651) , and later rebuilt during the Seljuq era by followers of the Ism?'īlī sect . The castle is built on two tips of a mount , with an area of 2.6 hectares (6.4 acres) . Its architects have benefited from natural mountainous features in the construction of the fort .
The Rudkhan Castle River originates in the surrounding heights and flows from south to north .
After crossing a mountainous winding route with dense forests , the first thing that one notices about the castle is its big entrance gate .
Rudkhan Castle sits at the two peaks of a mountain at elevations of 715 and 670 metres and contains strong fortifications and battlements at a length of 1,550 metres . The castle's 42 towers still stand intact .
Masuleh is a city in and the capital of Sardar-e Jangal District , in Fuman County , Gilan Province , Iran . At the 2006 census , its population was 554 individuals from 180 families .
Historical names for the city include M?salar and Khort?b . It was founded in the 10th century AD .
Masuleh is approximately 60 km southwest of Rasht and 32 km west of Fuman . The village is 1,050 meters above sea level in the Alborz (or Elburz) mountain range , near the southern coast of the Caspian Sea . The village itself has a difference in elevation of 100 meters .
Although it has been written that the community was established around 10 AD , the province of Gilan has a long history . The first village of Masuleh was established around 1006 AD , 6 km northwest of the current city , and it is called Old-Masuleh (Kohneh Masuleh in Persian) . People moved from Old-Masuleh to the current city because of pestilence and attacks from neighbouring communities .
Masouheh-Rood-Khan is the river passing through the city , with a waterfall located just 200 meters away from the village . Many other springs are found around Masuleh .
Masuleh is surrounded by forest from valley to mount .
Fog is the predominant weather feature of Masuleh .
Anzali Lagoon
Anzali Lagoon
Anzali Lagoon is a coastal liman , or lagoon , in the Caspian Sea near Bandar-e Anzali , in the northern Iranian province of Gilan . The lagoon divides Bandar-e Anzali into two parts , and is home to both the Selke Wildlife Refuge and the Siahkesheem Marsh .
Although the lagoon suffers from pollution , it is known as a good place for bird watching . The lagoon's water ranges from fresh near the tributary streams to brackish near the mouth into the harbor and the sea . Studies indicate that in the 19th and early 20th Centuries that the lagoon had a much higher salinity .
The lagoon has decreased in size since the 1930s to less than a quarter of its former extent . However , in the last ten years (As of 2007) water salinity has increased both by the rise of the level of the Caspian Sea which has caused greater interchange of waters , and due to greater salt transport in incoming "fresh" water due to increased upstream irrigation .
The lagoon has been designated a Ramsar site .

Maklavan is a city in and the capital of Sardar-e Jangal District , in Fuman County , Gilan Province , Iran . At the 2006 census , its population was 2,170 individuals .

Laton Waterfall
Laton Waterfall
Laton Waterfall is located in the Astara city . The height of the waterfall is 105 metres (344 ft) .
Estil Lagoon
Estil Lagoon

Estil Lagoon One of the tourist attractions in Astara city . Located by the Astara-Rasht road . This Lagoon is 138 acres . Estil Lagoon has been identified as one of the top five places of tourism in Gilan in 2005 .